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"Paul takes simple sayings we've used and heard throughout our lives and makes them chock full of memorable lessons.  Once you've read one ditty, just hearing the phrase will transport you back to the newly embedded truth inspired by biblical principles."

Pastor Steve Brannan
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Director
Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

"I started to flip through it and seriously had difficulties putting it down.  It's humorous, captivating, enlightening, and simply interesting. Thank you!  I so appreciate your views on life in several areas. so, thank you for your book because it brought a smile to my face."

Kristi Watts
Cohost, The 700 Club

"Seriously funny tidbits for life". That pretty much sums up this book. Paul Wesler brings a unique and fun writing style to everyday stories, be it parenting, sports, music, marriage or even Hee Haw (sorry you'll have to read that for yourself). In the chapter entitled "Huh?" one gets a sense of Paul's unusual 'perspective' when addressing common terms you hear all the time. I quote: "When a product says 'fat free,' they mean there is no charge for the fat." Or, "when they say 'LITE', they mean the stuff isn't as dark as other like products". And finally, "When they say 'low fat'....all the fat settles low upon your body." Okay admit it, you chuckled at that one.

As engaging as these ditties are, they can also make you stop and think. Growing up were you the last one chosen for the teams? Read "Play Ball". Are you a parent? Read "Parenting 101" or "Child Tested". Differences with people? Try "The Great Divide" or "Camel Shoes". Paul ties each one in with biblical perspective in a way that only he can -- with humor and sincerity. There really is a lesson in each day of this thing called life.

A lighthearted read filled with insight and wisdom. Who knew thinking could be so fun?"

Sunny C.
Spokane, WA
Review posted on Amazon.com
May 3, 2010

"Last night I finished reading your book and found it to be very helpful especially page 80 and the chapter titled 'My Serious Moment'. Unexpectedly, on May 30, 2008 my husband, Steve, my best friend and soul mate, went to be with the Lord in a car accident. ...Since that time it has been a hard fought battle. The 'what if's', 'If only I had..'...I often wonder what future? Is there a second chance for me? I can see nothing down this lonely road. But parts of your book spoke to my heart. It spoke to my confusion and loneliness. It has given me another spark of hope. I will make it...Thank you for writing this book."

Brenda S.
Westfield, IN

"Thank you for your precious gift. Page 105 was perfect and so uplifting. My husband liked it so much that he is reading your Ditties each Sunday to the Senior Sunday School class. I really treasure the book."

Carla C.
Richmond, IN

"Not as light a read as one might expect. I find I have to read, re-read, and really pay attention. Something one does not do much when reading light fiction...which this is not. Paul, we definitely agree on this book. I really like it. Much food for thought which we all need."

Lois C.
Glendora, CA

"This is an absolutely amazing book that explains the Bible's teachings on what is going on in our society in a funny yet serious way. I am on my second reading and pick up new understanding each time I read a passage. This is a book that should have been written a long time ago and a book that everyone who believes in God should read. You have reinforced my faith in God and showed me just how funny life and God can be for all of us. You are right about how similar most of our lives are. I can relate to just about every one of your little ditties. Paul, I will remember Lisa in prayer (because she has to live with you). You can tell that God was in you when you wrote this book."

Roger G.
Dayton, OH

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