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Strong Imaginations    (Bible Ditty Days)
It’s eleven p.m. The sky is dark, and there is no moon shining tonight. This ten-year-old is getting ready for bed when someone looks out the front window toward the barn seventy-five yards away. “Hey, Paul! Someone left the barn light on. Could you go shut it off, please?” My imagination begins to go wild. Let me review the facts. I am ten years old, it is eleven p.m., it is totally dark, the barn is 225 feet away, and did I say it was dark? Whoever wired this three-story barn put the light switch at the side of the steps, halfway up, which was located in the middle of the barn between the first and second floors. Did they put the switch next to the entry way? No! Could they have? Yes! But they didn’t! I would have to walk halfway into the barn to get to the light switch. Did I tell you it was dark?
I had two choices of entry. The upper entry required me to open a large overhead door, walk past three very dark cubby holes, and walk halfway down the dark steps to the switch. With this entry I would have the light to light my way past all of the dark corners. The light could have been left on by someone waiting for some helpless little boy to come. Did I tell you that there are a lot of dark corners even with the light on? The second way was through a small door, entering into the abyss of the basement where there was no light. I had to go around many turns, the humidity level was cool and damp, and I had to dodge all of the cobwebs. With my heart beating at twice the normal speed, sweat dripping down my forehead, and with unexpected expectations far beyond my endurance, I reach the steps where I must walk halfway up to find the switch. I have successfully made it. I turn the light switch off, and then it hits me like a brick. Now the barn is totally dark in all directions! I will have to feel my way out. I sure hope no one grabs my arm because I would be seeing Jesus a lot sooner than I really wanted.
I haven’t even left the house, and my imagination has already gone wild. I turn to my sister and ask if she will go with me. As a good and loving older sister that she is, she quickly replies, “No!” My imagination has now gone back into overdrive.
Fear, no matter what form it comes in, originates from our imagination that is filled with what ifs for the near future. It is very real and can put us in a death grip at any moment.
First John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out all fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” The Greek word for fear is phobos, which is where we get the English word phobia. I will be the first to admit that I have phobias. I do not have any desire to jump out of a plane with a backpack strapped to my back. I have a phobia or torment about hitting the ground very hard from a high distance. Other people have no trouble jumping because they have a love for the sport. They have that perfect love for it that casts out all of their fears. Being an adrenaline junky helps greatly. I say more power to them. Other people may have a fear or phobia of speaking in front of a large or even a small crowd. I have no trouble because I have a great love of public speaking. Whenever I enter into a scary situation, I always find a comfort in taking a friend along for the ride. “There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother,” or a sister in this case, and His name is Jesus (Proverbs 18:24). “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears” (Psalm 34:4).
Whenever I am forced to face my fears I can be assured that when I seek out the Lord for his help he will be there to help me face them. I have other fears, such as jumping off a bridge with a rubber band tied around my ankles. I do not need to seek the Lord for his overcoming power for this area because I don’t have to jump and don’t want to jump.
Ecclesiastes 9:2 reveals to us, “One event happens to the righteous and the wicked; to the good, the clean, and the unclean…” We do not get to always choose the events that occur in our life. Some of these events can strike an element of fear within us or even grip us so hard that we must have someone to help us face them. That someone has promised to “never leave you nor forsake you, so we may boldly say: The Lord is my helper; I will not fear, what can man do to me?” (Hebrews 13:5, 6). Now I can walk through that same barn with no fear because I love my barn, and I love my Lord. I do not need to fear. “Please hand me the flashlight. Hey, sis? Will anyone volunteer to go with me? Please?” What can I say? I still have a strong imagination!

“Giants and Grapes”        (Bible Ditties)

   I love when the little people win.   You know…..The Underdogs!!!      When I plan on watching the Super Bowl every year I always wait to see who the underdog is.    The one who the “experts” say has the greatest chance of losing.    That is who I cheer for to win.     I need to offer this disclaimer:   Unless it is the Packers, they should never be the underdogs, Colts, and for some unforeseen miracle…the Browns or Bengals.      Even if we end up losing I hope that it was a well played game… A nail biter.   You either jump around the living room high fivin everyone or you throw yourself into the back of your chair shouting, Oh No!!!!!   What a great game that was!

   Some of my favorite stories in the Bible involve the little people winning.   We learn about David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.   David, this young teen weighing in wet at maybe 150 pounds at best taking on this champion guy over nine feet tall and weighing in dry at probably….well, we’ll just say he was Big!!!!   Really Big!!!   Guess who won?

   In Numbers 13 and 14 we have the twelve spies that went into Canaan to view the land promised to Israel by God.   They all saw the same thing but each interpreted things differently.   Ten spies saw these great big clusters of grapes and giants walking among them.   They came back reporting, “Did You See Those Giants?”    Joshua and Caleb came back, seeing the same giants, reported, “Did You See Those Grapes?”    The people of Israel cast their hearts upon the giants instead of the promises of God. Thus they wandered in the wilderness for forty years sustained by God but not receiving God’s promise.  Joshua, Caleb, and Aaron were the only three people left from forty years ago who entered the Promised Land because they dared to believe God.

   You may have a sickness or a circumstance happening in your life now that seems so overwhelming that you believe you are an underdog facing a giant.   Let me tell you a secret… Underdogs usually don’t win relying on their own power or abilities alone.   75% of the battle lies within the attitude.   If you believe you can beat it, You Can with God’s help and guidance.   Mark 9:23,   “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”    David believed and beat the giant.   Joshua and Caleb believed and beat the giants and they still possess the land today.    Don’t get down… Get up… Believe, and beat that huge obstacle in your life.   Believe in God and let Him help you reach your promised victory.   At least give your opponent a good challenge!

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