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Paul is currently living on the retired family dairy farm in which he grew up on in New Paris, Ohio with his wife, Lisa, of 29 years. They have three boys, Micaiah who currently resides in Hamilton, AL attending the Ramp School of Ministry; Elias (E.J.) who is living in Cleveland, TN; and Caleb who recently married Maggie Miller of the singing sister group Miller Nation from Cleveland, TN and are living in Cleveland, TN.   Paul was raised Methodist and is an Ordained Pastor with the Assemblies of God but is non-denominational in his ministry and books. He has been a worship leader, youth pastor, children's pastor, choir director, and a puppet team coordinator. Paul has also been the Sr. Pastor in Pound, WI and Eaton, OH as well as Associate Pastor in Spokane, WA.

Paul is a Christian motivational speaker. You may ask, What is a Christian motivational speaker?  Paul presents the Word of God with humor and seriousness in a way that is very understandable to any age. His goal for the end of every message is to have motivated each individual into searching deep within about the way they live their Christ centered life. Change what needs to be changed and to encourage those to move beyond their past into a marvelous God ordained future. Summary: He preaches the Word!

Paul is also a musician and singer.  Paul plays the piano and sings and  has traveled the United States performing in Supper clubs, School Assemblies, and since 1984 in churches. He loves all forms of worship from hymns to the most modern contemporary music and travels to different churches to lead their congregations into the presence of God. Paul would love to speak or sing at your organization, church, banquet, retreat, camp, or seminar. See events page for contact information.

Paul's  books "Bible Ditties" and "Bible Ditty Days" are now available through this website, (see Products) or the internet.  93.7 FM radio, WFCJ in Dayton, Ohio has placed into their rotation our 1 minute "Bible Ditty Moments". Pray with us that other stations will pick up and air "Bible Ditty Moments".





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