Paul’s passion is to motivate people for a better life with God and to search deep within about the way they live their Christ centered life, change what needs to be changed, and encourage you to move beyond your past into a marvelous, God ordained, future. He uses humor and seriousness in a way that is very relatable to every generation to preach the Word of God.

Have you ever been to a place in your life where you needed motivation?

Have you ever thought to yourself that you’re the only person who has been through tough times?

Paul uses everyday life situations, relates them to biblical principles, and shows us all how to look at life differently. “It’s all about the little things in our lives that we tend to overlook that can be the greatest blessings,” says author Paul Wesler. “It is my hope these ditties will be the exact message that you need at the exact moment that you need them.”


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